“A piano concert of a very special kind took place Saturday afternoon in the concert hall of the Torgau Rathaus. The city administration of Torgau along with the Leipzig Consulate arranged it in cooperation with the “Elbe” festival… the American pianist Jason Paul Peterson performed American and Russian music by Samuel Barber and Alexander Scriabin. The Saturday concert was absolutely an exquisite experience.” -Leipziger Volkszeitung

“Technical Brilliancy… Conveyed all the nuances in performance.” -Polonaise Magazine

“One of the finest young pianists in the country today.” -Milwaukee Journal

“The star of Saturday’s concert was none other than Jason Peterson. Peterson stole the show with his playing of Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto no. 1 in B-flat minor. What an amazing talent this young man has. He well deserved the standing ovation the crowd gave him. We only wish Peterson had played more.” -Portage Daily Register

“The most sincere Beethoven playing I’ve ever heard.” -Dr. Kenneth Drake, juror, Grace Welsh International Prize for Piano

“Sensitively shaped Bach… Vivid Prokofiev. Careful attention is paid to the score markings- articulation, phrasing, dynamics. A very skillful performance.” -Professor Joan Gilbert, juror, Grace Welsh International Prize for Piano

“The first in VIVA la Musica’s summer concert series, “Three Voices and a Pianist,” played to an almost full house May 26th. The concert used the amazing talents of concert pianist Jason Paul Peterson both as an accompanist and as soloist in Albeniz’ Iberia… Peterson’s interpretations were spectacular in all three.” -Guadalajara Reporter

“If any doubt remained that Peterson had solidified the music in his mental repertoire, it was erased… when the auditorium fell into blackness. The Schubert Opus continued. And it continued with the same crisp key striking and the same flawless timing that Peterson had been displaying in clear view. Peterson walked quickly off stage to thick applause and returned for the requisite encore…” -Western News, Montana